Tayba Foundation Offers Correspondence Courses

Tayba Foundation Offers Correspondence Courses

Image courtesy youtube.comBy Sajad Shakoor

The Tayba Foundation offers a correspondence program for prisoners desiring to study the Islamic sciences. On the website, Tayba Foundation lists over 20 courses complete with texts, supplementary ready materials, quizzes, essay prompts, and accompanying CD commentaries and/or DVD’s. All of it is in a semester format convenient to students. Currently, the Tayba Foundation has about 400 students and offers these print based courses to prisoners nation wide.

The Tayba Foundation’s program is revolves around three core ideas:

  • Sound Islamic knowledge
  • Realization of the prisoner’s experience
  • Recognition of the security concerns in dealing with prisoners
  • To learn more about the Tayba Foundation’s unique program, visit their site by clicking here.

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