Distance Learning: Brigham Young University

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Our Paper courses (by mail) are our traditional, self-paced correspondence courses; students may receive and submit all material through the mail. Take this course anywhere; students who are traveling, in a remote location, or are institutionally bound are not limited by a need for Internet and computer access.

A course packet is mailed to you and contains everything needed to complete the course by mail including; the syllabus, course readings, non-graded self-check assignments, and computer-graded assignments with bubble sheets. Students can submit computer-graded (Speedback) assignments online or by mailing the completed bubble sheet. Students have the option of submitting instructor-graded assignments by e-mail, fax, or mail. Exams are administered by a certified proctor or testing center. Student support is available by phone, e-mail, and live chat. Students can also request free tutoring support.

This is best for students who:

  • Have no internet access
  • Prefer hard-copy assignments
  • Are not in a rush to complete the course
  • Do NOT have a counselor or parent that wants to closely follow their progress
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Distance Learning: CSU-Pueblo


Welcome to Colorado State University Pueblo’s Continuing Education Independent Study and External Degree Completion program.  We are committed to extending some of the best correspondence courses and degree completion programs our University offers to thousands of academically engaged students like you, all over the world, through distance learning.

Our three baccalaureate degree completion programs in Sociology, Sociology with an Emphasis in Criminology, and Social Science can be delivered any time and any place according to your individual learning needs.  Every one of our 100+ courses, together with our world-class faculty, will help you achieve your higher education goals.
By taking just a single course that may transfer to your degree program at another college or university, or taking many courses to earn your degree with us, you will be partnering with a fully accredited regional comprehensive public university that is committed to your success.

Join us today and share our University’s values of being accountable, promoting civic responsibility, employing a customer focus, promoting freedom of expression, demonstrating inclusiveness and diversity, encouraging and renewing innovation, acting with ingenuity and mutual respect, providing opportunity and access, and supporting excellence in teaching, research and service.

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Distance Learning: University of Minnesota

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The Spring 2014 CCE Course Catalog is now available online.

Convenient, Flexible Courses 

Complicated schedules are a fact of life in the 21st century. For many adults, juggling work, family, and personal commitments can be challenging. But don’t let that keep you from pursuing your personal, professional, and academic goals. Enroll in a University of Minnesota evening or online course today through the College of Continuing Education:

  • You’ll have access to University of Minnesota faculty experts, whether you’re taking a class via on-campus evening courses or distance learning.
  • You don’t need to be admitted to a University program to register for these courses.
  • These courses may be applied to a certificate or degree at a later date.
  • Some degrees and certificates can  be completed partially or fully online.

Start with a Single Course

If you are wondering if returning to school is right for you, try starting with a single course. You don’t have to be admitted to a program to enroll in a course. Many non-admitted students take courses to:

  • Fulfill program admission requirements
  • Try out a course before applying to a program
  • Satisfy their thirst for knowledge
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Distance Learning: University of North Carolina

Photo courtesy natcom.orgThrough Self-paced Courses, part-time students can earn college credit by taking correspondence or online courses at their own pace. All courses are taught from a distance—no class attendance is required. The courses can be started at any time and are not tied to a semester schedule. Students have nine months to complete the course work.

The institutions offering courses are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. All courses have been approved by the department offering the course. Courses originate and credit is granted from eight institutions in the University of North Carolina system:

  • Appalachian State University
  • East Carolina University
  • Elizabeth City State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Western Carolina University
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Distance Learning: University of Nevada – Reno

Online and Independent Learning!

 . . . and other Extended Studies programs that help make the University of Nevada, Reno a Campus for all Seasons!
By offering Online and Independent Learning, Wintermester, Summer Session, Late Start and Weekend Classes and Summer Freshman Start
➤ Our challenge is to give students as many opportunities as possible to take University of Nevada, Reno classes.
➤ Our mission is to deliver high-quality education in a variety of formats throughout each year.
➤ Our goal is to achieve this mission by ensuring that students are highly satisfied with their learning experience in every class, in every term, in whichever format they choose.

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Semester-based online courses — available for registration and completion during a particular semester each year (Fall, Spring or Summer), and delivered via online instruction. Students submit coursework via WebCampus.
Open-enrollment online courses — self paced and available for registration and completion anytime throughout the year; delivered via online instruction. Students submit coursework via WebCampus.
Open-enrollment print-based courses — self paced and available for registration and completion anytime throughout the year; delivered via printed syllabus and course materials. Students submit coursework via mail, email or fax.

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Distance Learning: University of North Dakota

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Wish you could “attend” class while sitting in a park? In your living room? Or at the local coffee shop?

At the University of North Dakota, you can take college courses when, where, and how you want! Whether you prefer interactive online courses or independent study, you can get the education you want, the flexibility you need, and the quality you deserve.

Choose from 2 Types of College Credit Courses:

Enroll Anytime = Self-paced independent study courses available online or through correspondence by mail. You may enroll at any time and take up to 9 months to complete your course. Courses do not qualify for financial aid.
Semester-Based = Online courses that follow the standard University schedule. You will interact in a virtual classroom with your instructor and other students as well as follow deadlines for lessons and exams. Courses qualify for financial aid.

Contact Information

Call. Click. Chat.

Local Phone: 701.777.3000

Toll Free: 1.800.CALL.UND (1.800.225.5863)


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Distance Learning: Thompson Rivers University

About Distance Education  Image courtesy

So you’re thinking about taking a distance course. Since beginning a post-secondary course or program is a big investment in time and money, read through the following information before you register. It will help you determine if distance learning is right for you.

How Distance Education Works

Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning (TRU-OL) offers over 55 programs and 590 courses in a variety of flexible formats, including print-based, web-based, online and in-person. Courses and programs delivered by TRU-OL are fully accredited and recognized by other post-secondary institutions, so you can take a single course with us and transfer the credits to another institution or complete an entire program.

Open Education Explained

Distance education means that you can study wherever you live and wherever you are: in a public library, at home, at work or overseas. But open education also means that you may begin your course or program whenever you like; there is no need to wait for a particular semester to begin.

It also means that people who would find it difficult to complete a course or program on a physical campus can still access post-secondary education. This includes people living in a small town without access to on-campus education, people with disabilities, working students and those with family commitments. TRU-OL also has few barriers to entry, so your ability to enrol won’t be affected by your past academic records and you won’t be required to submit transcripts from secondary school to register in courses.

In addition, we offer students the opportunity to receive credits towards a program through PLAR, or Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. This program is in place to recognize the experience and skills you have gathered from previous education, or life and work experience.

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Distance Learning: Moody Bible Institute



Independent Study was the first mode of distance education provided by Moody Bible Institute, beginning in 1901. Independent Study courses allow you to take undergraduate courses on your own time and at your own pace through print correspondence. 

Independent Study courses do not operate on the traditional semester format – Register for courses at any time. Students have six months to work through the course material and successfully complete a course. Students may choose to enroll in a single course or participate in several courses at one time.

Earn College Credit or Work Toward Your DegreePhoto courtesy

Moody Distance Learning offers Independent Study undergraduate courses in Bible, theology, ministry and general education for college credit.

You can take Independent Study courses to earn college credit and accelerate you towards a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies degree, an Associate of Biblical Studies degree or a Certificate of Biblical Studies

Independent Study courses are also available to non-degree seeking students, visiting students from other universities, and 11th and 12th grade students.


These courses are available through Independent Study for undergraduate college credit. All listed courses are available in Independent Study print correspondence format. 

To find corresponding textbooks for each course, go to Undergraduate Required Textbooks.

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Distance Learning: The University of Oklahoma

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Oklahoma Center for Independent and Distance Learning is to create and deliver flexible, high quality, college courses via distance learning formats accessible to all students.

Q:  What are the differences between Distance Learning and Independent and Distance Courses?

A:  The differences between the two courses are time and flexibility. With Distance Learning courses you have 160 days to complete your coursework and you must follow a course schedule set by your instructor.

Independent and Distance courses are 180 days and self-paced. You submit assignments and exams on your own schedule.

Student Services   Image courtesy
(405) 325-1921

(405) 325-1208

Toll Free
(800) 942-5702

Fax: (405) 325-7687


Center for Independent and Distance Learning
1600 Jenkins, Room 101
Norman, OK 73072-6507

Office hours:
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central Standard Time

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Distance Learning for Inmates: California Pacific University

CPU’s programs are structured around courses designed to build a body of knowledge, one course built upon the other, much the way a staircase works one step at a time to get you from the first floor of a building to the second floor of a building, and ultimately to the top floor. The work

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