Reentry AfterCare

Reentry AfterCare

Returning to community after spending time in prison can be very challenging for ex-offenders. Finding employment, housing, education and even acquiring essential paperwork can be daunting. Support and resources are necessary for returning ex-offenders for successful integration into community. 

Reentry AfterCare is a grassroots organization that works with communities to help them understand the problems and solutions of returning citizens and how by helping them with essential skills and education, recidivism rates can be greatly reduced. 

Investing in Communities….Not More Prisons!

Reentry AfterCare works with various agencies, organizations and communities to design and build effective reentry strategies. 

Prison 2 Society links various organizations, practitioners, professionals, educators, business industries and special interest groups with expert reentry specialists. Community Assessments provides contractual technical training to help with government agencies, volunteers, mentors and coalitions dedicated to helping returning citizens.

Training and Development is an enhanced program that helps organizations and communities a way to identify missing gaps in reentry programs and a way to fill in those gaps to effectively, safely and efficiently reintegrate those formally incarcerated into society as returning citizens. 

Consulting, advising and team training are the foundation of Reentry AfterCare. If you are interested in learning more about this valuable networking and resource based organization to help returning citizens become successful and contributing members of society, please read more here. 


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