Reentry Assistance

Re-entering society can be a challenging and overwhelming time for inmates, as they consider where they’re going to live, how they’re going to make a living and other day-to-day realities of life outside prison. However, there are state reentry programs that can assist prisoners in various ways, and Zoukis Prisoner Resources can help point prisoners and their loved ones in the right direction.

Prisoner Reentry Assistance

We will assist your and your family with locating and securing housing, employment, treatment providers, education, and even one-on-one concierge care once you are released. This way you can get on your feet and get used to the world outside of prison in the least stressful and most successful manner possible.

Release Planning

Along with our Reentry Assistance service, we will also help with release planning, where we assist you and your family put together a plan which outlines what needs you have and how to fulfill them.

To learn more about Reentry Assistance, Release Planning and other services for prisoners preparing to be released from prison, Contact us.