Federal Prison Consultant: Tort Claims

Sometimes prisoners or former prisoners can experience mistreatment or what they perceive as mistreatment, and they may consider filing a tort claim against prison officials or a prison itself.

A tort claim is a claim as a result of a civil wrong unfairly causing a prisoner to suffer loss or harm. While a tort can be a crime, the cause of legal action is not necessarily a crime, as the harm may be due to negligence, which does not amount to criminal negligence.

Tort claims are different from criminal law in that torts may result from negligent as well as intentional or criminal actions, and tort lawsuits have a lower burden of proof, such as preponderance of evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt. Theymay include emotional, economic, or reputational injuries as well as violations of privacy, property, or constitutional rights.

In prisons, tort claims often come as a result of when prison officials improperly seize, lose, damage, or destroy inmate property. If you feel that you have grounds for a tort claim against prison officials or a federal prison, Zoukis Prisoner Resources can file a tort claim seeking reimbursement for the seized, lost, damaged, or destroyed property.

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