Special Housing Unit Assistance

Zoukis Prisoner Resources is familiar with Special Housing Units and the operations within this controversial detainment. Also known as the SHU, Segregation or Seg and the Hole, the Special Housing Unit is how federal prisons segregates prisoners, usually as a form of punishment.

If you are in the SHU, ZPR will review the reasons for your confinement, discuss any concerns you have, assist you in staying connected to the outside world during such a caustic period, and petition for you to be released from the hole.

In the case of an incident report being the reason for your confinement, we can use the administrative remedy program to appeal any adverse disciplinary findings in an effort to lift the reason for your placement in the first place. For other reasons, we can connect with agency officials through informal advocacy and attempt to resolve the issue which led you to be locked in the SHU in the first place.

Want to learn more about how we help prisoners in the Special Housing Unit? Contact us for more information.

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