Prison Health Care Assistance

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), inmates are to receive essential medical, dental and mental health care assistance in a manner that is consistent with accepted standards for a correctional environment. This includes, but is not limited to, counselling during examinations, education about the effects of medication, prevention and education for infectious diseases, and chronic care clinics for ongoing health issues.

The BOP is said to support the Correctional Officers Health and Safety Act of 1998, which requires that the “Attorney General and the Secretary of Health and Human Services provide guidelines for infectious disease prevention, detection, and treatment of inmates and correctional employees who face exposure to infectious diseases in correctional facilities”. All facilities are to ensure that every case is evaluated on an individual basis and they are to provide patient-specific treatment decisions.

At Zoukis Prisoner Resources, we will advise you of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ policies on health care and what health care assistance is typically approved. We will help you understand the policies put in place by the BOP and dispute any denial of medical intervention or inadequate treatment. In cases where you have a medical issue that is not being treated appropriately, either in terms of treatment methodology or because of delays in treatment, or if the BOP refuses to treat a reasonable medical concern, we can engage in both informal advocacy by communicating directly with appropriate agency officials or by assisting youin filing an administrative remedy to compel meaningful care.

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