Bunk Cell Reassignment

Sometimes the living situation in prison in regards to bunkmates or cells can become unbearable. Inmates incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons are housed in communal living settings.

Generally speaking, dorms are utilized at lower security institutions (e.g., federal prison camps and low security federal prisons), while cells are utilized at higher security institutions (e.g., medium security federal prisons, federal penitentiaries, and Special Housing Units).

Some institutions have both types of housing in different areas of the prison. Occasionally, and for a number of reasons, an inmate may wish to request a prison bunk or cell reassignment.

The correctional counselor is usually in charge of cell and bunk assignment changes. This means that in order for an inmate to switch from one cell or bunk to another, the interested inmate must speak with their counselor and make a formal request.  Formal requests are typically completed on a cop-out (an “Inmate Request to Staff” form).

We will advise you of how to seek a change of bunk or cell assignment. This includes educating you on proper protocols, drafting the request, and providing instructions for submission to the appropriate agency official. When specialized concerns present themselves — for example, if someone is trying to sell a cell, if someone is trying to force you out of a cell, or if you need to move immediately — we will troubleshoot with you to resolve the matter to your liking.

For more information on bunk or cell reassignments, or other areas of prisoner support, Contact us.