PSR Review and Objections

Prior to sentencing, every federal criminal defendant will meet with a U.S. Probation Officer.

The goal of this meeting is to create a Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSR), which effectively explains the defendant’s history (criminal and otherwise), the conduct surrounding the instant criminal offense and the applicable sentencing guidelines.

After completion of the PSR, it is issued to both the U.S. Attorney’s Office and defense counsel for review and objections. Following any objections, the PSR is issued to the judge for ruling on any outstanding objections.

Following any applicable rulings, the judge then pronounces the criminal sentence. As such, the PSR directly determines the federal criminal defendant’s sentence.

Zoukis Prisoner Resources will review the PSR to locate problematic information and provide counsel with a memorandum of law which lists such issues and provides the legal authority to objecting to it. Successful objections will reduce your sentence and possibly expand programming offerings while in federal prison (e.g., RDAP eligibility, TRULINCS email access, etc.).

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