Plea Agreement Review

If you’re a prisoner who is considering entering into a plea agreement in hopes of reducing your sentence or securing other judicial recommendations, you may consider getting some helpful assistance from the team at Zoukis Prisoner Resources.

ZPR can help perform a Plea Agreement Review, which is a multi-phase service.

The first phase is to review what you have been charged with and your criminal history to help you understand the very broad range of sentences you might be facing (i.e., the statutory sentencing range).

Once the plea agreement has been offered by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, ZPR will review the noted stipulations and help you understand not only what the most likely sentence is (based both on the plea agreement and on local practice), but also provide objections to defense counsel (e.g., various appellate waivers which can hamper the appeals process).

Contact us for more information on plea agreement reviews or other pre-prison services.