National Prison Sentencing Consultants: Judicial Recommendations

While prisoners do not always get to choose which prison they go to (often a result of factors determining a prisoner’s initial prison designation), or programs they can enrol in while in prison, they can request placement at a particular prison or in certain programs.

Zoukis Prisoner Resources can help you secure judicial recommendations (recommendations from your sentencing judge) for placement at a particular prison (e.g., an easier prison due to a variety of reasons) or within a particular program (e.g., the BOP’s Residential Drug Abuse Program).

This is usually a process of evaluating you and your unique needs and then crafting a plan of attack for how to convince the judge to provide a recommendation to a specific prison facility.

In line with our initial custody and classification scoring, we’ll target the recommendation to a prison at the correct security level and within the proper region, thus increasing chances of success.

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