How To Survive Prison As A Sex Offender

While many people don’t want to discuss the taboo topic of sex offenders in prison, it is unfortunately an unavoidable reality for many people heading to prison. Thousands of Americans go to prison each year for sex offenses. If you or your loved one is one of those people, you are facing a whole other stressful aspect of incarceration, as preparing for prison as a sex offender can be even more scary than other offenses in terms of safety and psychological concerns.

The team at Zoukis Prisoner Resources are non-judgemental, and we want to help all criminal defendants who are going to prisonl, as well as their loved ones.

If you are charged with a federal sex offense, we will help you prepare for a term of incarceration. This includes our regular prison preparation, but with a strong focus on the types of issues that sex offenders often contend with (e.g., what they are in prison for, interacting with others, intimidation, etc.). This preparation also includes a review of sex offender monitoring conducted by Federal Bureau of Prisons officials towards this target population.

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