Fitness and Self-Defense Training from a Prison Consultant

Fitness and self-defense training are both beneficial to those who are heading to prison. While it’s always a good idea to be physically fit, appearing physically fit can actually help people avoid physical violence as it can intimidate others and it can aid as a mental safeguard against others as it may deter some people from initiating violence.

The ability to protect yourself can also be very beneficial if you’re going to prison. After all, you can look and even be fit, but if you aren’t able to protect yourself should a potentially violent incident occur, you may be at a very significant disadvantage in prison. Even just having basic self-defense training can make a big difference in both your self-esteem and in protecting yourself in a violent situation.

If taking a self-defense training class is something you are interested in, we can make sure you are working with a suitable, local, personal trainer and self-defense expert. This will be someone who understands your goals and can work with you to the level you desire.

There are many different types of self-defense training, so it’s important to us that we understand your goals and current fitness level to make sure you are matched with the best trainer possible.

We can also provide counsel on when it is appropriate to engage in self-defense as you want to make sure you are never accused of initiating, or escalating, violence.

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