Financial Planning from a Prison Consultant

One of the many stressors prisoners and their loved ones have to deal with when faced with the major breadwinner of a family going to prison is finances. Who is going to bring income to the family? How can a prisoner and their family financially prepare for a loved ones’ prison sentence? How is the prisoner going to pay for things while in prison? These and many other financial planning aspects are a reality of an impending prison sentence.

Zoukis Prisoner Resources is made up of people who have dealt with these financial issues surrounding prison sentences, and we have a team of financial experts on staff, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and other quality financial planners to help you and your family deal with the financial stress associated with a family members going to federal prison.

We can also help explain how finances work within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, such as the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program (IFRP), and coordinate with you to handle deposits to your Trust Fund Accounts so you and your loved ones have everything you could possibly need while in prison.

Contact us for more information about financial planning for prisoners and their families.