Prison Bound? Try a Coach to Survive Behind Bars

Prison Bound? Try a Coach to Survive Behind Bars

By Corrections One Staff /  Bill Doane / Image courtesy

Sentenced to some time behind bars, but don’t think you can hack it? Try a prison coach, a consultant who’s survived behind bars and can teach you to do the same.

USA Today reports that Bill Doane, a former New York prison inmate who served 26 years for stabbing a man in Brooklyn, offers to those who are headed inside the big house for the first time.

Doane says that though there is violence, and there are stabbings, the stereotype of rampant homosexual rape is not common in New York facilities. He also says inmates don’t fall into the Hollywood stereotypes, such as musclebound black men pumping iron, Latinos with pencil-thin mustaches, or white supremacists with tattoos and shaved heads.

After being released a year ago, Doane has been counseling vets in Suffolk County and also works with Prison Preparation Consultation Services. Most of their clients are of the white-collar variety.

The prison coaching business was started by Joey Petrucelli of Scarsdale, NY, who served 19 years for a fatal shooting outside a night club in 1993.

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