Incarcerated Author Releases Federal Prison Handbook

Incarcerated Author Releases Federal Prison Handbook

The Federal Prison Handbook by Christopher Zoukis, is the definitive guide to surviving incarceration in a federal prison.

When Christopher Zoukis first went to prison over 10 years ago, he was completely unprepared. “I had no idea how the system worked, where I was going or what to expect,” says Zoukis, who is still incarcerated at FCI Petersburg in Virginia.
Like most of the other 10 million Americans imprisoned across the country, he didn’t even know what to prepare for emotionally, financially or otherwise. “There was no one resource to go to and find the real information I was desperate to find,”
Now that’s all changed.
The newly-released Federal Prison Handbook compiles resources and information to help prisoners and their loved ones understand how the federal prison system works, as well as help keep prisoners safe by explaining how to avoid the near-constant conflicts found inside prisons.
Some of the topics inside include:

  • A brief history of the Bureau of Prisons and a breakdown of the current inmate population
  • Details about the different security levels and special administrative facilities
  • What to expect on the day you’re admitted to prison, and how to greet cellmates for the first time
  • What to do about sexual harassment or assault
  • Navigating racial and cultural divisions at different security levels and during transport
  • The best ways to avoid fights, and the options that provide the greatest protection if a fight cannot be avoided
  • Typical daily schedules, controlled movements and inmate counts, and how to carve out a life between mandatory activities
  • The best ways to avoid gangs and fights, and options that provide the greatest protection if a fight cannot be avoided
  • Comprehensive analysis of Federal Bureau of Prisons policy and regulatory guidelines

About Christopher Zoukis

Christopher Zoukis is an outspoken prisoners rights and correctional education advocate who is incarcerated at FCI Petersburg Medium in Virginia. He is an award-winning writer whose work has been published widely in major publications such as The Huffington Post, Prison Legal News, New York Daily News and various other print and online publications. Learn more about Christopher Zoukis at

Media Inquiries

Christopher Zoukis is pleased to speak with media by telephone about topics related to prison education and justice reform. For more information or to book an interview, email [email protected] or send a request in writing to:
Christopher Zoukis
Federal Correctional Institution Petersburg
P.O. Box 1000, #22132-058
Petersburg, VA 23804


What Others Say About the Federal Prison Handbook

“The Federal Prison Handbook is an excellent resource for individuals currently incarcerated or facing incarceration in a federal prison.” — Brandon Sample, federal-prisoner-turned-attorney, author of The Habeas Citebook, and Executive Director of Prisology
“A must-read . . . [Filled with] extensive details on the nuances of federal prison culture.” — Jack Donson, Director of Case Management at FedCURE, Chair of the American Bar Association’s standing subcommittee on Federal Bureau of Prisons policy, nationally awarded FBOP retiree.
“The go-to reference book for answering all those ‘good questions’ the incarcerated client asks but which the attorney doesn’t know the answers to because they never teach you [this] in law school.” — Kent Russell, expert attorney and author, California Habeas Handbook