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Prison Education is a website aimed at promoting the role education plays in reducing recidivism, improving the economy and improving society as a whole. It is led by Christopher Zoukis, an impassioned prison education advocate, legal commentator, prison law practitioner and author of books, articles and legal pleadings. He is incarcerated at FCC Petersburg Penitentiary, Virginia, and due for release in late 2018.

Why Is Christopher Zoukis an Authority on Prison Education?

christopher zoukis is the author of college for convicts and prison education guide.
Christopher Zoukis is the author of College for Convicts and Prison Education Guide.

Christopher is the author of College for Convicts and Prison Education Guide. The former is the leading academic text on why Americans should support prison education and expand program funding, while the latter is the leading guide for prisoners on continuing their education from behind prison walls. In addition to his writing work, he has also taught in prison classrooms and is slated to earn his MBA prior to his 2018 release from custody.

What Does He Write About?

Christopher Zoukis has written three books on prison education.

What Topics Can Christopher Comment On?

Christopher can provide a quote or a comment about anything related to prison: prison law, prison education, prisoners’ rights, and criminal justice. His experience in these arenas is broad, not only from his own extensive experiences, but also due to the in-prison legal consulting he has engaged in over the last decade.

Where Can I Learn More About the Topic of Prison Education?

Countless organizations in the United States and around the world have begun to actively lobby for improved access to education for inmates. We do not speak for them but support and collaborate with a number of them including Prison Legal News, Justice Denied, The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, the Death Penalty Information Centre, the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights and the Correctional Education Association.

Where Can I Find out More About Christopher Zoukis?

Along with, Christopher oversees two other websites: is home to his weekly blog posts, biographic details and published works. The second,, is an authoritative and honest resource for attorneys, criminal justice professionals, prisoners and their families/friends. Christopher’s team also distributes his message on social media:
•    Twitter:,
•    Facebook: and

How Can the Media Connect with Christopher for Interviews?

Media can reach Christopher by Emailing His Publicist or sending mail to:
Christopher Zoukis
Federal Correctional Institution Petersburg
P.O. Box 1000, #22132-058
Petersburg, VA 23804

Does Christopher Have Experience Dealing with the Media?

Christopher is a knowledgeable, compelling speaker who is able to recount valuable statistics and facts, and can answer questions that stay on target and to the point in all media interviews. He is able to actively listen, gain an understanding of issues and transition smoothly into any direction that a producer requests, giving balanced and well researched answers to either a structured interview or one that is conversational. He is clear and concise when necessary and uses strong descriptive language to illustrate points. He is familiar with speaking to all types of press including Radio, Television, Newspapers, and Bloggers. Christopher is a powerful voice for those who have none.

Why Is Prison Education a Newsworthy Topic to the Media?

Justice-related issues have dominated the headlines in 2015 and are not likely to subside. From gun violence and #BlackLivesMatter to President Barack Obama’s plan to resume Pell Grant funding, the flaws in America’s law enforcement, justice and prison systems are in the news. Whether you’re writing an article about prison overcrowding, privatization, the school-to-prison pipeline or inmate health care, Christopher Zoukis offers the rare perspective of an incarcerated American devoted to shedding light into an often-ignored segment of society.

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