International Men’s Day: Call To Action To Women

International Men’s Day: Call To Action To Women

NEW YORK, NY (USA) – 14 October 2013 – In observance of 2013 International Men’s Day which will be celebrated in over 70 nations throughout our global village under the theme, “Keeping Men And Boys Safe”, Raising Great Men™ has issued a “Call To Action To Women” to support the emotional and mental well-being of the boys and men in their lives.

The emotional and mental health of boys and men has been identified by the International Men’s Day Global Team as one of the challenges of keeping them safe.  The “Call To Action” for Women launched by Raising Great Men™ under the leadership of its founder, Ms. Marie Roker-Jones represents the first tier of a two-tiered initiative launched in observance of  2013 International Men’s Day. 

The announcement of the launch of a “Call To Action To Women” to support boys and men’s emotional well being comes on the heels of the announcement by Raising Great Men ™ of its hosting a “safe space” for men on 2013 International Men’s Day – the second tier o the two-tiered initiative designed by the New York City-based organization.  This online space will provide men, particularly fathers with an opportunity to address how they want to be role models for the next generation of men.

We also want these men to talk about the support they need from the women in their lives to be healthy, whole men.

For more information about the initiative, please visit “What Kind Of Man Do You Want To Be”  at following link:

For information about Raising Great Men™, contact its founder, Ms. Marie Roker-Jones by sending an e-mail to: or visiting

For information about International Men’s Day, visit its official website at

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