Home Confinement Maximization

Prisoners who are soon to be released, or are already in a halfway house, will often seek maximum home confinement, also known as house arrest, as an alternative to a lengthy halfway house stay or as a way to seek an early release. However, many prisoners and their loved ones may be unaware of the processes involved in seeking home confinement.

Zoukis Prisoner Resources will assist you in securing maximum home confinement time through a variety of means, including advising you of the BOP’s current guidelines to unit teams on home confinement placement, pre- and post-sentencing judicial recommendations, assisting you with making a rational, policy-based argument for maximum home confinement time, and engaging in informal advocacy to secure maximum home confinement placement.

If unit team staff are not being compliant, we will assist you with researching, drafting, and filing an administrative remedy.
Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in post-release home confinement.