Washington Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Washington Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Washington is a progressive state that sets itself ahead of many others, but it still has its share of murky legal water.  If you’re facing charges of a federal crime or you’re currently in federal prison and feel your sentence is unfair, Zoukis Consulting Group may be able to help.

At Zoukis Consulting Group, our lawyers have the expertise necessary to prove your innocence or negotiate better terms for your sentencing. Contact us as soon as possible soon we can begin building your case.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Washington instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crimes are viewed as more severe by nearly everyone, even though many don’t know the distinction between federal and state crime. Federal crimes are sentenced more harshly and can have more lasting effects on how society treats you after you’ve served your time.

Although you may assume any lawyer can handle a case like this, it’s imperative that you seek out a specialist who has worked on and won cases like yours before. The Zoukis Consulting Group’s lawyers in Washington specialize in federal crime cases. We are ready to defend you.

When Would You Need a Washington Federal Crime Lawyer?

The line between state and federal law can sometimes be blurry. If you have been charged with a federal crime, however, only a dedicated federal crime lawyer has the expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for your case

Wondering what constitutes a federal crime? Here are a few examples:

Possession of Narcotics

Narcotics are serious substances that can cause serious health complications to anyone who ingests them.  Even having a small amount on you can be enough to be grounds for a federal case.  This gets worse if you have more on you or if you’re traveling across state borders or back into the United States. 

Possession of Child Pornography

The possession of child pornography is a serious offense that should be handled with care since its victims are children.  This is a federal crime because of its heinous nature, and it often proliferated through the internet, which has no jurisdiction.  This can be more severe if the defendant is also producing it or posting and sharing it on the internet.

Probation Violation

Probation violations are taken extremely seriously since they risk the delicate system that our country has made to help reintroduce criminals into daily life while keeping them from taking part in behaviors and social groups that may make them slide back into unhealthy and unlawful life choices.  This is usually caught by probation officers and is a federal offense because it goes against court orders.

Whether you’re facing being arrested for your first offense, or you’re already serving time for a crime, it’s good to know what defines a federal crime and why it could have far harsher sentencing than it would as a state-level crime.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Washington?

Being found guilty and sentenced doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to serve the full sentence passed to you.  You can reach out to a federal criminal defense attorney in Washington and ask about ways to revisit your case. 

General mitigation can pressure a judge to reduce your sentence if circumstances make it apparent.  You should research if the sentencing or case violated your constitutional rights, even by checking something like a search without a warrant. 

The District Courts of Washington

Washington has two eastern and western districts, with one district court each.  Although this may seem like a low number of courts, Washington’s courthouses are extremely efficient.

For that reason, it’s important to know everything necessary about your case and to be prepared to defend yourself and work. If you can, get to know the multiple judges this courthouse has and their track history with federal crimes.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Washington

You wouldn’t want an X-ray technician to perform your heart bypass surgery, so you can’t expect a general criminal defense lawyer to successfully try your federal crime case.

At Zoukis Consulting Group, our attorneys specialize in federal law, which helps increase your chances of beating the charge or reducing your sentence. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.