Tennessee Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Tennessee Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether or not you have prior experience with federal crime charges, it’s important to take every accusation and court date seriously. Federal crimes can lead to lengthy prison sentences, steep fines, and severe reputational damage.

Everyone deserves to be fairly represented in court. Make sure that the legal counsel you retain is committed to protecting your rights. The federal crime attorneys at Zoukis Consulting Group have the knowledge and training to help you defend yourself and/or reduce the terms of your sentencing.

If you’ve been accused of a federal crime or are serving time in Tennessee, there are some important things you should know about your situation. Here are some of them:

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Tennessee instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Knowing the distinction between federal and state crimes can be the difference between a ten and twenty-year sentence. Because of this distinction, you must hire a lawyer in Tennessee who has represented someone in federal court before.

This generally means someone who knows how to defend you, how to lessen your sentence, and how to decide if you should even go to trial. They’re professionals you can, and should, trust with your life.

When Would You Need a Tennessee Federal Crime Lawyer?

Federal crimes are often similar to state crimes, but carry stiffer penalties. Here are some examples of charges that require the assistance of a dedicated federal crime attorney:

Bank Robbery

Bank robbery is a crime that steals from the financial institutions that our economy is based on. Because of this, it’s immediately a federal crime. Depending on whether you were armed if harm came to anyone during the robbery and how long you evaded arrest, your sentence may stretch further, and you may see your fines skyrocket.


Blackmail is a crime that’s on the state level as well, but when it’s against a government official, it immediately gets bumped up to the federal courts. This means any behavior like trying to gain political favors, money, or notoriety based on how much you can get for what information or files you have on the government official.  

Bombing Matters

If you create, transport, buy or keep possession of a bomb, you’re at risk of federal charges. Not only are bombs weapons that can put many peoples’ lives at risk at once, but they’re also often made from controlled materials that the average citizen shouldn’t have their hands on. If you are found to be in possession of such a device or have set one off, law enforcement will not hesitate to charge you.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Tennessee?

If you have information that could help the government, or you’re able to benefit from the inside, you must try to get a plea deal so that you can get out of prison sooner. Although plea deals aren’t as exciting, and many people worry about getting caught doing it, it’s vital that you do everything you can to protect your future.

Talk to the best federal criminal defense attorney in Tennessee that you can find. The lawyers at Zoukis Consulting Group can guide you through this process and work on creating a deal that will get you out and back to your life far sooner.

The District Courts of Tennessee

Tennessee is split into three districts, with each offering its courts where you can defend yourself. Therefore, you must take the time to research the court you’re being charged in and look into what you can do to lighten your sentencing if possible.

Although you don’t get to pick and choose what courtroom you end up in, it’s a good idea to take what information you have and use it to your advantage with whatever Tennessee attorney you hire.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Tennessee

Whether you’re awaiting sentencing or you’re already serving time, it’s important that you have the right Tennessee federal crime attorney on your side. The professional attorneys at Zoukis Consulting Group are here to help. Contact us today.