Colorado Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Colorado Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a federal crime can be a scary experience, but luckily, you don’t have to go through it alone.

If you’re accused of a federal crime in Colorado, you need an advocate who knows the law and can stand with you to ensure your rights are upheld.

These are some of the most important things to know if you’re accused and need a lawyer in Colorado.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Colorado instead of a Criminal Attorney?

If you need help and are seeking a Colorado lawyer, it’s important to take the time to understand why you specifically need a federal defense lawyer instead of just any lawyer that will have you. 

Federal crimes are often worse than general state crimes, involving either more severe behavior or behavior that crosses between the borders of states. Federal courts and judges are far more likely to pass on more severe punishments because of this.

The United States Code, a document passed by congress, goes into depth about which laws are considered federal offenses if you break them. However, state crimes are usually described by their own state codes.

When Would You Need a Colorado Federal Crime Lawyer?

Any fantastic Colorado federal criminal defense lawyer can easily navigate a court case that most people are terrified of possibly facing. Thankfully, if you seek out the right lawyer, you won’t have to worry about these charges as much as the average person. These are some common federal crimes and where the distinction between federal and state crimes lies.

Violence at International Airports

It’s easy to see why violence at international airports is considered a federal crime. There are people from all around the world at these airports at all times, and any crime done here is often to target a group of people. Because of this, violence at airports is a charge that should leave you immediately reaching for a Colorado federal crime attorney.

Bribery Crimes

Bribery isn’t always a federal crime. It only becomes a federal crime when it involves a government official or crosses state borders.

Assisting or Instigating Escape

Assisting or instigating an escape is a federal crime because it puts the safety of the entire nation at risk. The punishment is more strict depending on what the person who was being aided in escaping was accused of or found guilty of.

Attempt to Commit Murder/Manslaughter

Another crime that’s only considered a federal offense under specific situations, an attempt to commit murder or manslaughter, can easily be regarded as a federal crime. The main reasons it’s tried in federal court are that the accused traveled across state borders to commit it or because it’s being committed against a government employee.

Computer Crime

Computer crime is almost always charged as a federal crime because of the lack of true jurisdiction for this crime. This could be anything from setting up a fake shop and scamming people’s money to cyberbullying, all because it can happen against anyone in the world at any time.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado?

Thankfully, landing in federal prison with a sentence doesn’t mean you have to give up on reducing your time or getting out of the fees you’ll have to pay. Instead, this is an important time to contact the Zoukis Consulting Group so that you can figure out the best way to get back into the courtroom. Anyone would feel disheartened if they felt like there wasn’t enough support during their first case, but getting a great lawyer on your side will protect you.

It’s vital that while in prison, you help your case by keeping a low profile and serving the time without getting in trouble or giving in to pressures to cause issues. Although it’s easy for trouble to find people while they’re in prison, it’s important to do what you can to avoid it.  

The District Courts of Colorado

Colorado’s district courts are where you’ll have to fight your cases if you’re in this state. The district courts are in Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Durango, so it’s a good idea to research these courts and their judges to ensure you’re getting all of the help that you’ll need.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado

Whether you’ve just been charged with a crime for the first time, or you’ve been fighting your sentencing for years, the change you need could be a change in legal aid. Seek out the right lawyer for your case, and we’ll help you get back to the life that you want.

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