California Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

California Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal crimes have been a hot topic recently, and many are examining past cases and getting to know the laws that govern what is and isn’t a federal crime. Thankfully for those who have been accused of a federal crime or found guilty, this means there’s a chance you can understand your case better.

We want you to call the Zoukis Consulting Group if you’ve been accused of a federal crime or are in federal prison now. We will be your advocates and support you through these difficult times.

There’s no need to go through this alone! These are some of the things you should become familiar with if you’ve been accused of, or even imprisoned for, a federal crime. Get to know them, and you’ll be more prepared to face the legal system.

Why a Federal Crime Lawyer in California instead of a Criminal Attorney?

It’s vital that if you’re accused of a federal crime, you get to know why it’s considered a federal crime. This will help you more accurately defend yourself against it in court. Most federal crimes are offenses that are either described by the US code or are offenses that happen in multiple states or jurisdictions.

Federal charges generally come with more strict punishments and can leave a larger mark on your future when you get out of prison. Unfortunately, a long sentence is common with federal crimes, with large fees piled on top.

The crime itself may not always feel more severe sometimes, the difference between state and federal crimes is just where you do it, but the punishment is usually far worse.

When Would You Need a California Federal Crime Attorney?

If you’re unsure what is or isn’t a federal crime, it can be incredibly difficult to know when or how to defend yourself. An awesome federal criminal defense attorney in California will be able to go over every detail of your case and why it’s considered a federal charge. These are some federal crimes many don’t realize are federal and why they’re labeled this way.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Motor vehicle theft is most commonly viewed as a federal crime because someone had to cross state borders to commit it, or the vehicle itself was passed from state to state.  


Larceny is usually considered a federal crime when the accused stole property from the federal government. Although all states consider larceny a crime, it’s only federal when it’s against the government.

Video Voyeurism

Thanks to the Video Voyeurism Protection Act of 2004, this crime is immediately charged as a federal offense because of the severe invasion of privacy that this causes. In addition, this crime is often doubled with the distribution of revenge porn and other things that can leave people vulnerable.  

Serial Murders

Serial murders are considered federal crimes because of specific circumstances. Unlike multiple killings, which can happen simultaneously, serial murders happen in at least two locations at two other times, with at least more than one victim. In addition, this is a federal crime when done on public property or when the killer crosses state borders to commit this crime.

Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods or Services

Counterfeit goods and services are considered federal crimes almost every time because they have to pass state borders to be sold and created. On top of this, they also risk a loss to US banks, which is always a federal crime.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in California?

When you land in federal prison, the first thing you might feel like doing is shutting out the world out of anger. You mustn’t do this. Although it’s vital that you allow yourself to feel what’s happening and you don’t lock your emotions away, it’s not too late to try and change things for yourself. Reach out to a federal criminal lawyer in California, like the Zoukis Consulting Group, and they’ll be able to go over your options with you.

The District Courts of California

California’s district court system has four different branches. These are California Central, California Eastern, California Northern, and California Southern. Each of these courts holds federal criminal cases, and one of these will be your courthouse if you get charged with this crime. Research them and their judges, and get to know your options.

Hire a Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in California

Federal criminal cases don’t have to be the end of your life. Instead, contact the Zoukis Consulting Group. We’ll go over your options, help build a case for you, and give you a chance at keeping a free life.

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