United States Penitentiary Florence Administrative Maximum | USP Florence ADMAX

United States Penitentiary Florence Administrative Maximum | USP Florence ADMAXPart of FCC Florence facilities including USP Florence Administrative Maximum, USP Florence High, and FCI Florence with an adjacent minimum security satellite prison

Facility Address & Contact Information
United States Penitentiary Florence-Administrative Maximum Facility
5880 Highway 67 South
Florence, CO 81226
Phone: 719-784-9464
Fax: 719-784-5290
Email: FLM/[email protected]
BOP Website: https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/flm/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADX_Florence
Inmate Correspondence Address
Inmate Name and Registration Number
USP Florence ADMAX
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
NOTE: Funds cannot be sent directly to federal inmates. See our page on sending money to federal prisoners for more information.
Sex: Male
Security Level: Administrative (Highest, also known as Supermax)
Location: USP Florence-Administrative Maximum is located on State Highway 67, 90 miles south of Denver, 45 miles south of Colorado Springs, and 40 miles west of Pueblo.
BOP Region: North Central Region (NCR)
BOP Institution Code: FLM for USP Florence-Administrative Maximum, FLX for Florence Federal Correctional Complex
Medical Care Level: Level 2. See our page on Medical Care Levels and Procedures for more information.
Judicial District: District of Colorado
Population (as of Sept. 14, 2020): 301
Background: USP Florence-Administrative Maximum Facility (ADMAX), also informally known as ADX, is the Federal Bureau of Prison’s highest security prison. It was opened in 1994 and is part of the Florence Federal Correctional Complex (FCC). The facility houses inmates who have been deemed dangerous, high-profile, or a national security risk. Notable inmates include former Al-Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui (serving six life sentences for terrorism conspiracy for the September 11 attacks), Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (sentenced to death by lethal injection for his participation in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing), Terry Nichols (serving 161 life sentences for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing), former FBI counterintelligence agent Robert Hanssen (serving 15 life sentences for espionage), and Aryan Brotherhood prison gang leader Thomas Silverstein (serving a life sentence for murdering a correctional officer).
Housing: Inmates are housed in one-person cells. There are 10 housing units that range from control unit to special housing unit to high security to general population to pre-transfer unit.
Health Services: Sick call, dental call, physical examinations, medications, eyeglasses, chronic care, preventive health services, emergency services, diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions, and mental health care are provided to inmates. Mandatory HIV testing is performed when there are risk factors and the test is clinically indicated and/or surveillance testing is required. MRSA and TB screening are also conducted annually.
Psychology Services: After admission into USP Florence ADMAX, inmates are interviewed by a representative of Psychology Services, usually within 14 days. Psychology Services offers a variety of programs through the closed-circuit TV operation in coordination with the inmate’s Unit Team in place of group counseling. These programs include Stress Management, Anger Management, and various other topics. If an inmate successfully completes a formal program, they will receive a certificate. For psychiatric care, inmates have the services of a psychiatrist at MCFP Springfield via teleconferencing equipment. Tele-psychiatry clinics are held twice a month.
Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP): USP Florence ADMAX does not house a Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP). A Drug Education Program, the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program (NR-DAP), and other drug abuse programming is available. All education programming and testing is conducted in an inmate’s cell, with instruction primarily facilitated through the use of closed-circuit television.
Education Services: USP Florence ADMAX provides GED and English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) programs. Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Adult Continuing Education (ACE) classes are also available. High school diplomas and post-secondary programs are available through paid correspondence programs.
Advanced Occupational Education: USP Florence ADMAX offers an advanced occupational education program in Restaurant Management/Culinary Arts.
Vocational Training: USP Florence ADMAX does not provide any vocational training aside from its advanced occupational education courses.
Apprenticeship: USP Florence ADMAX does not provide any apprenticeship training.
Library Services: Leisure and law libraries are available through the Education Department, though most programming is available through closed-circuit televisions in the inmates’ cell.
UNICOR: USP Florence ADMAX does not house a UNICOR facility.
Commissary: Spending limits are $90.00 per week and up to $360.00 per month. Inmates can purchase a variety of commissary items, though some restrictions are in place due to the security level of the facility.
Recreation Services: The USP Florence ADMAX Recreation Department provides a variety of approved organized and free form activities. Some of these activities are basketball, handball, and special holiday activities such as table games, tournaments, and contests. Communal recreation is highly controlled.
Visitation: See our page on prisoner visitation rules for more information.
Directions to Prison:
A Google Maps image of FCC Florence federal prison in Colorado

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