Southeast Region | SER

The Southeast Regional Office is an administrative office providing oversight and support to facilities located in the Southeast Region (SER). The Southeast Region includes federal prisons from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, and South Carolina and is overseen by the Southeast Regional Office in Atlanta, Georgia.
County: Fulton
SER Population: 26,696
Facility Address & Contact Information
3800 Camp Creek Parkway SW/Building 2000
Atlanta, GA 30331
Email: SERO/[email protected]
Phone: 678-686-1200
Fax: 678-686-1229
BOP Website:
Wikipedia: n/a

Freight and Non-USPS Parcels
Most freight deliveries are processed through the warehouse.
Use this address when shipping freight & non-USPS parcels:
Southeast Regional Office
ATTN: Warehouse
3800 Camp Creek Parkway SW/Building 2000
Atlanta, GA 30331

Staff Mail
Use this address when sending correspondence and parcels to staff:
Staff Name
Southeast Regional Office
3800 Camp Creek Parkway SW/Building 2000
Atlanta, GA 30331

Directions to Southeast Regional Office:
Federal Prison Southeast Regional Office Google Map
Southeast Region (SER) Federal Prisons
FCI Aliceville
USP Atlanta
FCI Bennettsville
FCC Coleman
FCI Edgefield
FCI Estill
MDC Guaynabo
FCI Jesup
FCI Marianna
FCI Miami
FDC Miami
FPC Montgomery
FPC Pensacola
FCI Talladega
FCI Tallahassee
FCI Williamsburg
FCC Yazoo City

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