FMC Lexington | Federal Medical Center Lexington

Federal Medical Center Lexington | FMC LexingtonFacilities: FMC Lexington with an adjacent minimum security satellite prison camp.
Facility Address & Contact Information
Federal Medical Center Lexington
3301 Leestown Road
Lexington, KY 40511
Phone: 859-255-6812
Fax: 859-253-8821
Email: LEX/[email protected]
BOP Website:
Inmate Correspondence Address
For FMC Lexington
Inmate Name and Registration Number
FMC Lexington
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 14500
Lexington, KY 40512
For Satellite Prison Camp
Inmate Name and Registration Number
FMC Lexington
Satellite Prison Camp
P.O. Box 14525
Lexington, KY 40512
NOTE: Funds cannot be sent directly to federal inmates. See our page on sending money to federal prisoners for more information.
Sex: Main: Male; Camp: Female
Security Level: Main: Multiple; Camp: Minimum
Location: FMC Lexington is located seven miles north of Lexington on U.S. Highway 421.
BOP Region: Mid-Atlantic Region (MXR)
BOP Institution Code: LEX for FMC Lexington
Medical Care Level: Level 4. See our page on Medical Care Levels and Procedures for more information.
Judicial District: Eastern District of Kentucky
Population (as of Sept. 14, 2020): Main: 1,088; Camp: 162
Background: Opened in 1935, the site was first named the “United States Narcotic Farm,” but then shortly after changed its name to the “United States Public Health Service Hospital.” In 1967, it changed its name once again to the “National Institute of Mental Health, Clinical Research Center.” Its original purpose was to treat people that voluntarily admitted with drug abuse problems, using experimental methods – the first facility of its kind in the United States. In 1974, the institution became a federal prison but maintained a psychiatric hospital title until 1998, when the facility’s psychiatric function was transferred to a new Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts. Notable inmates include the leader of the Universal Divine Saviors religious cult Narseal Batiste (serving a 13-year sentence for terrorism conspiracy), white supremacist Daniel Cowart (serving a 14-year sentence for plotting to assassinate then-Presidential nominee Barack Obama), former Democratic campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee (serving an 8-year sentence for mail fraud), and Leona Helmsley (served 18-months of a 4-year sentence for tax fraud).
Housing: Inmates have one, two, and four-person cells and dormitories. The camp dormitories are divided into two-person and three-person cubicles.
Health Services: Sick call, physical examinations, medications, and dental care are all provided to inmates at FMC Lexington. Additional services such as physical therapy, medical laboratory, radiology, nutritional services, and vaccinations are available.
Psychology Services: Individual services such as crisis intervention, brief counseling, and individual psychotherapy are available at FMC Lexington. Groups are offered in stress management, anger management, sexual abuse issues, and values clarification. Programs such as the Suicide Prevention Program, Hospice Volunteer and Compassion Program, and HIV/AIDS Education are offered. Furthermore, several housing units have particular missions, for example, Forensic Studies or Behavioral Medicine. In addition, the camp offers behavioral medicine programs (weight loss/control, chronic pain management, and biofeedback). The camp also houses the Resolve Program for inmates who are dealing with mental illness as a result of trauma.
Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP): FMC Lexington houses a Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP). A Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program (NR-DAP), Drug Education class, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are also offered. The camp does not offer RDAP.
Education Services: FMC Lexington offers GED instruction and English-as-a-Second Language (ESL). Classes are separated into Advanced GED, GED, pre-GED, and Special Learning Needs levels. A Career Resource Center and a guidance counselor are available to assist inmates in exploring and learning more about potential careers. Parenting programs are also available to inmates. High school diplomas and post-secondary programs are available through paid correspondence programs.
Advanced Occupational Education: Both facilities offer advanced occupational education in Small Business Management.
Vocational Training: FMC Lexington and the satellite camp offer vocational training in Carpentry, Culinary Arts VT, Greenhouse, Masonry, Residential Electrical, and Welding. The camp offers Computer Applications. Both facilities offer Horticulture.
Apprenticeship: FMC Lexington offers apprenticeships in Electromechanical Wire Harness Assembler, Building Maintenance Service and Repair, Carpentry, Construction Craft Laborer, Cook, Customer Service Representative, Electrician, Healthcare Sanitation, Heating & Air Conditioning Installer & Servicer, Horticulturist, Machinist, Maintenance Mechanic (any industry), Material Coordinator, Office Manager/Administrative Services, Painter, Pipefitter-Steamfitter, Plumber, Power Plant Operator, Quality Assurance Inspector, and Welder. The camp offers apprenticeships in Automobile Mechanic, Building Maintenance Service and Repair, Cook, Material Coordinator, and Small-Engine Mechanic.
Library Services: The FMC Lexington Education Department maintains a leisure and law library. The leisure library has numerous books available for circulation and reference. The law library provides law books, policy statements, institution supplements, and other materials. Inmates also have access to typewriters in the law library.
UNICOR: The FMC Lexington UNICOR facility houses an electronic cable factory, quality control department, business office, customer service center, and an accounts receivable operation.
Commissary: Inmates may withdraw funds for family support, legitimate debt payment or purchase personal items from the institution Commissary. Inmates have a monthly spending limitation of $360 which can be spent on food, drinks, clothing, and other items. This set dollar amount of purchases allowed is increased for November and December. Inmates are assigned a specific shopping day when they are allowed to buy items in the commissary.
Recreation Services: Recreation at FMC Lexington includes structured fitness classes, such as circuit training, step aerobics, yoga, jump rope, and spinning. Equipment, exercise books, track, health education classes, and a health resource area are also available. The Recreation Department also offers intramural sports leagues. Outdoor leagues include basketball, soccer, flag football, softball, volleyball, and bocce ball. Indoor leagues include basketball, volleyball, and billiards. Hobby craft programs include a Unit Art Program, ceramics, painting, crochet, leather works, and t-shirt design. Movies on DVD are rented weekly.
Visitation Information: See our page on prisoner visitation rules for more information.
Directions to Prison:
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