Federal Correctional Institution Big Spring | FCI Big Spring

Federal Correctional Institution Big Spring | FCI Big SpringFacilities: FCI Big Spring with an adjacent minimum security satellite prison camp.
Facility Address & Contact Information
Federal Correctional Institution Big Spring
1900 Simler Avenue
Big Spring, TX 79720
Phone: 432-266-2300
Fax: 432-466-2576
Email: BIG/[email protected]
BOP Website: https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/big/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Correctional_Institution,_Big_Spring
Inmate Correspondence Address
For FCI Big Spring
Inmate Name and Registration Number
FCI Big Spring
Federal Correctional Institution
1900 Simler Avenue
Big Spring, TX 79720
For Satellite Prison Camp
Inmate Name and Registration Number
FCI Big Spring
Satellite Prison Camp
1900 Simler Avenue
Big Spring, TX 79720
NOTE: Funds cannot be sent directly to federal inmates. See our page on sending money to federal prisoners for more information.
Sex: Male
Security Level: Main: Low; Camp: Minimum
Location: FCI Big Spring is located midway between Dallas and El Paso, on the southwest edge of Big Spring, at the intersection of I-20 and U.S. Highway 80.
BOP Region: South Central Region (SCR)
BOP Institution Code: BIG for FCI Big Spring
Medical Care: Level 2. See our page on Medical Care Levels and Procedures for more information.
Judicial District: Northern District of Texas
Population (as of Sept. 23, 2020): Main: 949; Camp: 130
Background: FCI Big Spring was opened in 1979 as a Federal Prison Camp. FCI Big Spring buildings were previously used as the Webb Air Force Base before being converted into a prison. In 1990 it was converted to the low-security federal prison it is today. The camp was opened in 1992.
Housing: Inmates are housed in two-person cells. There are a total of twelve housing units. Inmates in the camp are housed in dormitories.
Health Service: Sick call, dental call, emergency medical treatment, medications, physical examinations, and immunizations are provided at both FCI Big Spring and the camp. Emergency medical care is available 24 hours a day by approaching any staff member. Routine care is available by submitting a sick call form to Health Services.
Psychology Services: All inmates are screened through a brief interview by Psychology Services staff within 14 days of arrival at FCI Big Spring. A psychologist is available to provide counseling and other mental health services to inmates experiencing behavioral, emotional, and/or adjustment problems. These mental health services include crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, pre-release counseling, evaluation, and testing. A variety of special topic groups, such as Relationships, Living Free Values Development, Commitment to Change: Overcoming Errors in Thinking Group, Dealing with Anger, Stress Management, Breaking Barriers, Framework for Recovery, and Victim’s Impact are offered by or co-sponsored by the department.
Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP): FCI Big Spring and the camp do not house a Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP). A variety of substance abuse services, such as a Living Sober group, are offered. A Drug Education Class is provided. Individual and group counseling is also provided by the drug treatment specialist through the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program (NR-DAP).
Education Services: FCI Big Spring provides literacy, GED, and English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) programs. Inmates who obtain a GED while at the institution will receive $25.00 and a graduation photograph. Parenting and Adult Continuing Education (ACE) classes are also available. High school diplomas and post-secondary programs are available through paid correspondence programs.
Advanced Occupational Education: FCI Big Spring offers Building Trades, Commercial Maintenance, Computer Skills/Desktop Publishing, Electrical Trades, Food Service Management, Green Insulation Technology, HVAC, High-Reliability Soldering, Masonry Trades, Plumbing Trades, and Wind Energy Technician.
Vocational Training: FCI Big Spring does not offer any vocational training. The facility offers vocational training in Horticulture.
Apprenticeship: FCI Big Spring does not currently offer any apprenticeship training.
Library Services: In the leisure library inmates can check out hardcover books, paperback books, magazines, and newspapers. The law library is located at the east end of the Education Building. The law library contains the collection of legal reference materials required by the federal prison system. Most of these legal materials are on the TRULINCS Electronic Law Library Computers. Typewriters are available through a check out procedure. A Debitec copy machine is also available for inmate use. Inmate law library clerks are available to assist in locating legal materials. Legal reference material is available for the preparation of legal documents in the law library.
UNICOR: The FCI Big Spring UNICOR facility produces electronics and plastics.
Commissary: Inmates are allowed to spend $360.00 monthly in the commissary on their assigned shopping days. This limit does not include telephone credits, nicotine replacement therapy patches, over-the-counter medications, copy cards, or postage. Inmates can also purchase a number of other commissary items, including food, snacks, candy, ice cream, drinks, clothing, shoes, and more.
Recreation Services: The FCI Big Spring Recreation Department indoor activities include a gym, weight room, track area, recreation center with pool tables, a ping pong table, TV viewing areas, free weights and cardio area, music rooms, an Issue Room with pool balls, guitars, board games, a gym, and hobby craft area. Outdoor facilities include a softball/soccer field, 10 handball/racquetball courts, a quarter-mile running track, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, a weight pavilion, bocce ball courts, and intramural leagues in a number of sports.
Visitation Information: See our page on prisoner visitation rules for more information.
Directions to Prison:
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