FCI Petersburg Announces New Classes

FCI Petersburg Announces New Classes

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By Christopher Zoukis
FCI Petersburg’s Education Department recently released the list of new Adult Continuing Education (ACE) courses, along with their respective instructors.  To shine a light on this promising prison education program, we at Prison Education News present the list of courses:

  •       Basic Towing — A. Ballew, Instructor
  •       Money Management — J. Zigler, Instructor
  •       Bookkeeping III — K. McIntyre and A. Martin, Instructors


  •        Basic Towing — A. Ballew, Instructor
  •        Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) — D. Buczkowski, Instructor
  •        Bookkeeping III — K. McIntyre and A. Martin, Instructors


  •        Legal Basics — R. Brillhart and C. Surles, Instructors
  •        Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) — D. Buczkowski, Instructor
  •        Business Management II — K. McIntyre, King, and J. Ziggler — Instructors

*All classes are held from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
As we have previously reported, the ACE program at FCI Petersburg — like at virtually every Federal Bureau of Prisons facility — has faced substantial funding cuts in the past several years.  Classes used to be held Monday through Saturday, with over 200 incarcerated students enrolled each quarter.  Now, offerings have been cut, largely due to a change in staffing, which resulted in the restriction of the days in which classes are permitted to be held.
But in a culture of failure, such as America’s broken criminal justice system, any limited amount of education in prison should be supported.  While there isn’t much left, at least there is something for those who want to educate themselves and prepare for a crime-free life upon release.  And that is something that we all can support.  PrisonEducation.com thanks each of the FCI Petersburg ACE instructors for their dedication to the cause of educating their fellow prisoners.  They are making a difference; that much is certain.

2 thoughts on “FCI Petersburg Announces New Classes”

  1. Dianne Frazee-Walker

    This is great news. Hopefully, the new education curriculum at FCI Petersburg Prison will have an impact on the recidivism rate.

  2. Towing – What a fascinating class idea! I never would have thought of it, but it makes perfect sense. Great career for someone that has been released from prison, pays well, involves hard work, but also won't seem too overwhelming to someone that may not have had the career opportunities that others have had. Love it!

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