Directory of Federal Prisons Released

Directory of Federal Prisons Released

By Christopher Zoukis
Today we’re proud to announce the release of Middle Street Publishing’s first book, the Directory of Federal Prisons:’s Federal Bureau of Prisons Facility Directory by Christopher Zoukis and Dr. Randall Radic.
For those who don’t yet know, the Directory of Federal Prisons is an ebook project which provides basic character profiles and the contact information for every prison within the Federal Bureau of Prisons and all private contract facilities.
The basic character profiles present the following information:

  • ·         Gender of Prisoners
  • ·         security level
  • ·         BOP Region
  • ·         Federal Judicial District
  • ·         Prison Population Number
  • ·         If there is an adjacent Satellite Prison Camp

The following contact information is presented within the ebook:

  • ·         Official Street Address
  • ·         Official Email Address
  • ·         Official Phone and Fax Numbers
  • ·         Inmate Correspondence Address

The goal of the Directory of Federal Prisons is to help connect family members, friends, attorneys, and others outside with those inside federal prisons.  In this manner, a line of communications can be established which can help prisoners litigate their cases, keep families together, and help prisoners when it comes time to reintegrate back into American society.  All of this, we feel, can be accomplished with the purchase of the $9.95 ebook.
At this current time, we’re asking all Prison Education News readers to contribute to this project by purchasing a copy of the Directory of Federal Prisons, flipping through the ebook, writing a two or three sentence review, and providing a favorable star rating for the work.  The review and star rating can both be posted at Amazon, where most of our promotional efforts are focused.  Examples of good, short reviews can be found on the ebook’s page on Amazon.
After we’ve managed to garner enough top star ratings and positive reviews, then Amazon will start promoting the work itself, and this will help to connect even more families with their incarcerated loved ones.