Prison Profile: Federal Medical Center Butner

Prison Profile: Federal Medical Center Butner

By Christopher Zoukis

Official Address

Federal Medical Center Butner

FMC Butner / Image courtesy

Old North Carolina Highway 75

Butner, NC 27509

Phone: 919-575-3900

Fax: 919-575-4801


Inmate Correspondence

Inmate Name and Registration Number

FMC Butner

P.O. Box 1600

Butner, NC 27509

(Funds can only be sent to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’
National Lockbox Address listed below, not directly to the inmate at FMC

Sex: Male

security level:
Administrative (Multiple Security Levels)

Location: FMC
Butner is located in North Carolina near the Research Triangle area of Durham,
Raleigh, and Chapel Hill.  It is 5 miles
off I-85 on Old Highway 75.

BOP Region:
Mid-Atlantic Region (MXR)

BOP Institution Code:
BUH for FMC Butner, BUX for Butner Federal Correctional Complex

Medical Care Level:
FMC Butner is a Level 3/4 medical care facility.

Judicial District:
Eastern North Carolina

Population: FMC
Butner houses approximately 980 federal inmates.

Background: As a
BOP medical referral center, FMC Butner houses and treats federal prisoners who
have severe medical conditions.  FMC
Butner is part of the Butner Federal Correctional Complex.

Housing Configuration:
Inmates at FMC Butner are primarily housed in two-man cells or pods.

Health Services:
FMC Butner is a BOP medical referral center which treats significant medical
conditions which normal federal prisons are not equipped to handle.  As such, a superior level of medical care is
afforded to inmates either referred to FMC Butner or assigned to it, including
both routine and emergency health care and dental care.

Medical and dental sick call for cadre and 3rd floor inmates
are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6:45 AM to 7:15 AM at the
Ambulatory Care Clinic on the 2nd floor.
Inmates assigned to other housing units should approach their unit
officer to sign up for sick call.

If an inmate at FMC Butner ever feels they are experiencing
a medical emergency, they are advised to approach the nearest staff member and
request for health services to be contacted.
This will allow for an emergency medical response to be initiated.

Medical Social Worker:
FMC Butner has a staff Medical Social Worker who is responsible for chairing
the Compassionate Release Program, a program designed to release inmates early
due to an extraordinary or compelling circumstance that was not foreseen by the
Court at the time of sentencing.  The
Medical Social Worker also provides training to inmate volunteers in the
Palliative Care Program.

In addition, the Medical Social Worker, in conjunction with
a social security representative, provides information about government related
medical benefits for patients and their families.

The FMC Butner Medical Social Worker is available to provide
the following services: 1) crisis intervention; 2) brief counseling; and 3)
question and answer sessions related to community resources to inmates on the
3rd, 4th, and 5th floor.  Inmates
interested in receiving services from the Medical Social Worker should submit a
cop-out directly to that social worker.

Psychology Services:
The FMC Butner Psychology Department offers a number of individual and group
therapy options.  Group therapy options
include the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program (NR-DAP), the Drug Education
Class, Transitional Drug Treatment, stress management, anger management,
Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, among other programs.

Residential Drug
Abuse Program (RDAP):
FMC Butner does not house a Residential Drug Abuse
Program (RDAP).

Education Services:
The FMC Butner Education Department offers General Education Development (GED)
courses, English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) courses, post-secondary education
opportunities, college correspondence courses (if the inmate has the requisite
funding), Adult Continuing Education (ACE) courses, Parenting, Pre-Release
classes, and Employment Preparation classes.

The GED Program at FMC Butner requires inmates who do not
possess either a GED or high school diploma to either earn a GED or to spend a
minimum of 240 hours of in-class instruction prior to signing-out.  Those who need a GED will be given the Test
for Adult Basic Education (TABE) diagnostic assessment and then placed on the
waiting list until an opening is available in an appropriate GED class.  (Classes vary from special learning
needs/adult basic literacy to advanced high school/GED classes.)  Annual graduation ceremonies are held, where
inmates may be granted the opportunity to invite family and friends to
celebrate in their educational achievements (GED and PSE/college

English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) is designed to teach
non-English speaking inmates communication skills that will enable them to
function in an English environment.  The
ESL program is mandatory for all non-English speaking inmates.  Those mandated or in need are identified
during A&O.  They will be tested and,
if necessary, placed in an appropriate class.
To complete the ESL program, one must successfully pass the
Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Survey (CASAS).  Additionally, inmates who successfully pass
the official GED examination and CASAS ESL certification examinations will be
awarded $25.

The Parenting program at FMC Butner provides parenting
classes which teach fundamental parenting skills and assist inmates in
maintaining relationships with their children.
Activities encourage the building and strengthening of family
relationships, communications, discipline, childhood development, and family
support skills.

Accredited curriculum and certificate classes are offered at
FMC Butner through Vance Granville Community College and Durham Technical College.  Courses vary from semester to semester, but
often include Accounting, Business Law, CDL, Introduction to Spanish, Financial
Management, Western Civilization, and common computer classes such as
Keyboarding, MS Office, Word I, Word II, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Adult Continuing Education (ACE) classes are taught by
inmates in various subject matters — approved FMC Butner inmates with
knowledge and experience in a specific subject are afforded the opportunity to
instruct non-credit classes to other inmates.
Instructional strategies utilized for ACE courses consist of lectures,
video presentations, and group discussions.
Independent computer-based learning classes such as Meineke Care Care
University are also offered throughout the year.

Vance Granville Community College (VGCC) provides an Office
System Technology (OST) certification program devised of courses in the
fundamentals of business/office management and computer skills.  In particular, this program provides
instruction in Accounting, Desktop Publishing, Financial Management,
Spreadsheet, Keyboarding, and Basic Word Processing.  Inmates who complete this one-year program
receive certification through VGCC.

Advanced technologies have equipped FMC Butner with the
ability to provide classes via innovating teaching techniques.  For example, FMC Butner’s Education Services
Department utilizes Blackboard and VNet technologies, which grant inmates the
opportunity to participate in distance education programs without the need to be
on campus.  Through these systems,
contract instructors can teach classes off-site and still maintain interaction
and engagement with students.

Advanced Occupational
FMC Butner offers a Manufacturing advanced occupational
education program.  The program is
accredited by Durham County Community College, lasts 12 months, requires
students to possess a GED or high school diploma, and, upon program completion,
a certificate is issued by Durham County Community College.

Vocational Training:
FMC Butner does not offer any vocational training programs.

FMC Butner offers a Biomedical apprenticeship program.  The program is accredited by the U.S.
Department of Labor and Bureau of Apprenticeship, runs 48 months, requires
students to possess a GED or high school diploma, and issues a certificate from
the U.S. Department of Labor upon program completion.

Library Services:
The FMC Butner Education Department maintains a Leisure and Legal Library
operating 6 days a week (evenings Monday through Thursday and days Monday
through Saturday).  The Leisure Library
has numerous books available for circulation and reference to include
magazines, newspapers, career planning, multi-cultural studies, parenting,
fiction, and nonfiction selections.
Additionally, the inter-library loan program is available for inmates to
check-out books through the Durham County Library.

The Law Library at FMC Butner was one of the first
electronic law libraries in any Federal prison.
Currently, the Electronic Law Library (ELL) utilizes the LexisNexis
system.  The ELL system contains BOP
program statements, federal case law, and a number of other legal research
tools.  Typewriters, a photocopier, and
paper are made available for inmates to type and copy their legal work.  An inmate law library clerk is also present
to assist with legal research.

Butner does not house a UNICOR facility.

Inmates at FMC Butner have access to an institutional commissary where they can
purchase food, clothing, shoes, copy cards, postage, over-the-counter
medications, electronics, cosmetics, and more.
Inmates are allowed to shop once a week on a designated day and can
spend up to $320 per month.  Stamps, copy
cards, and select over-the-counter medications do not count against the
spending limit, but still have to be purchased by the inmate.

Recreation Services:
The Recreation Department at FMC Butner sponsors intramural sports, leisure
activities, passive and non-competitive activities, unit-based activities,
hobby craft programs, a CD player program, a movie program, wellness programs,
and many other activities.  These include
both indoor and outdoor activities.

Release Preparation
The Release Preparation Program (RPP) at FMC Butner is designed to
assist inmates in preparing themselves for release.  Inmates will be given aid in developing plans
for their personal lives and for work.
Staff members offer classes and information seminars concerning the
personal, social, and legal responsibilities of civilian life.  Release planning must also include a
financial savings program beginning immediately upon incarceration.  Inmates should be aware that release
gratuities will be limited to funds necessary to assist with immediate release
needs.  Inmates are expected to make
reasonable efforts to save toward their release from all available resources
(i.e. inmate performance pay, outside resources, etc.).  Inmates failing to participate in the Inmate
Financial Responsibility Program (IFRP), or who fail to follow saving programs
recommended by their unit team, will normally not be granted a release gratuity
from FMC Butner.

Inmates at FMC Butner are allowed to receive visitors on
Monday and Thursday from 2:30 PM to 8:00 PM and on Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
and federal holidays from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.
No limitations are placed on the frequency of visits to FMC Butner.  Three adult visitors (16 years of age or
older) are allowed to visit an inmate at one time.

For additional information concerning visitation at FMC
Butner, see Institutional Supplement BUX-5267.08D (Visiting Regulations).

Directions to Prison:
From Durham, NC to FMC Butner: Take I-85 North to Exit 189.  Turn left onto Central Avenue.  Proceed straight on Central Avenue to Veazey
Street.  Turn right onto Veazey
Street.  Proceed to stop sign and at the
stop sign turn left onto Old Highway 75.
Proceed 1 mile to FMC Butner.

From Raleigh, NC to FMC Butner: Take U.S. 70 West to the
U.S. 70 bypass.  Take the bypass for 2.1
miles to Geer Street Exit (185 North sign).
Turn right on Geer Street and proceed 1.7 miles to Club Boulevard.  Turn left on Club Boulevard and proceed .3
miles to the I-85 onramp.  Take I-85
North 9 miles to Exit 189.  Turn left on
Central Avenue.  Proceed straight on
Central Avenue to Veazey Street. Turn right onto Veazey Street.  Proceed to stop sign and at the stop sign
turn left onto Old Highway 75.  Proceed 1
mile to FMC Butner.

National Lockbox

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Inmate Name and Registration Number

P.O. Box 474701

Des Moines, IA 50947-0001


*Information compiled from multiple Federal Bureau of
Prisons (BOP) documents, Freedom of Information Act requests, and personal
interviews with federal inmates.*

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