Prison Profile: Federal Correctional Institution Beckley

Prison Profile: Federal Correctional Institution Beckley

By Christopher Zoukis

Official Address

Federal Correctional Institution Beckley

1600 Industrial Park Road

Beaver, WV 25813

Phone: 304-252-9758

Fax: 304-256-4956


FCI Inmate
Correspondence Address

Inmate Name and Registration Number

FCI Beckley

P.O. Box 350

Beaver, WV 25813

(Funds can only be sent to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’
National Lockbox Address listed below, not directly to the inmate at FCI

Sex: Male

security level:
Medium Security Federal Prison

Location: FCI
Beckley is located in Raleigh County, West Virginia, approximately 51 miles
southeast of Charleston, and 136 miles northwest of Roanoke, Virginia.

BOP Region:
Mid-Atlantic Region (MXR)

BOP Institution Code:
BEC for FCI Beckley

Medical Care Level:
FCI Beckley is a Level 2 medical care facility.

Judicial District:
Southern West Virginia

Population: FCI
Beckley houses approximately 1,665 federal inmates.

Background: FCI
Beckley was opened in 1995.

Housing Configuration:
Inmates at FCI Beckley are primarily housed in two-man cells.

Health Services:
The mission of the FCI Beckley Health Services Department is to provide quality
medical, dental, and mental health care for the inmate population, consistent
with Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Standards, and Federal Bureau of Prisons

To request a sick call appointment, the inmate should bring
their ID card to the Health Services Department during the morning sick-call
move (this move will occur as the first move of the morning, four days per
week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, excluding federal holidays).  Appointments are made by presenting to the
Health Services Department during this time and requesting an appointment.

In the event an inmate at FCI Beckley becomes ill, or has an
accident which requires immediate medical attention, the inmate is to
immediately notify their supervisor or the closest Federal Bureau of Prisons
staff member who will then contact the Health Services Department for

Pill Lines: FCI
Beckley conducts pill line at four scheduled times during the day.  The pill line times are as follows: 7:00-7:15
AM (pill line); 3:00-3:30 PM (prescriptions refill pick up); after 4:00 PM
count clears (insulin line); Recall (restricted pill line medications only).

Special Housing Unit
Sick Call Procedures
:  In a
refreshing twist, the FCI Beckley Special Housing Unit (SHU) actually has local
level policy on health care in the SHU.
Most don’t and just leave inmates to figure out how to seek medical care
on their own.

Medical staff members make rounds in the FCI Beckley SHU a
minimum of two times per day.  The first
visit is between 6:00-6:30 AM and the second during the evening after the count
clears (around 5:30 PM).  If the inmate
is in need of medical attention, they should stand at their door during the
morning rounds in order to request a sick call visit.  Depending on the nature of the inmate’s
complaint, an appointment will be made at the appropriate time.

Sick call requests will be accepted on Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday and can be submitted on regular writing paper if the
inmate doesn’t have access to a Triage Form.
If the inmate is experiencing a medical emergency, they should
immediately notify any Federal Bureau of Prisons staff member and request that
Health Services be contacted.

Dental sick call signup adheres to the same procedures
outlined above.

Dental Services:
Inmates at FCI Beckley, who wish to sign up for a dental cleaning or have a
problem area looked at (e.g., cavities, tooth aches, chipped/broken teeth),
must report to Dental Open House on Tuesday between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM.

Psychology Services:
The FCI Beckley Psychology Department is staffed with Psychologists, Drug
Treatment Specialists, and a Psychology Technician who are under the direction
of a Chief Psychologist.  Psychology
Services offers a wide range of group programs to assist inmates with mental
and emotional challenges.

The FCI Beckley Psychology Department offers the following
substance abuse treatment programs: Drug Abuse Education, Non-Residential Drug
Abuse Treatment (NR-DAP), and the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP).  Other non-drug related groups are also
available to interested participants.

One high point of the FCI Beckley Psychology Department is
their Bureau Rehabilitation and Values Enhancement (BRAVE) program.  This program facilitates the adjustment of
young, medium-security, first-time male inmates into the Federal Bureau of
Prisons.  The BRAVE program is a
six-month residential self-improvement program for young inmates who are
serving lengthy terms of incarceration.
Inmates 32 years of age or younger with sentences of 60 months or more
may volunteer for program participation through Psychology Services.

Residential Drug
Abuse Program (RDAP)
: FCI Beckley houses a Residential Drug Abuse Program
(RDAP).  This RDAP location houses 133

Education Services:
FCI Beckley offers GED classes, English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) classes,
Adult Continuing Education (ACE) courses, parenting courses, and college
correspondence courses (if the inmate possesses the required funding).  An inter-library loan program is also
available.  Books are distributed and
collected during the Education Department open house each Tuesday at 7:00 AM.

Advanced Occupational
: FCI Beckley offers Business Administration and Major Appliance
Repair advanced occupational education programs.  Both programs require students to possess a
GED or high school diploma prior to enrolling.
The Business Administration advanced occupational education program is
accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools, lasts 12
months, and, upon completion, results in the issuance of a certificate from the
New River Community and Technical College.
The Major Appliance Repair advanced occupational education program is
accredited by the Raleigh County Board of Education, lasts 4 months, and
results in the issuance of a certificate from the Raleigh County Board of
Education upon program completion.

Vocational Training:
FCI Beckley offers Blueprint, Carpentry, Computer Applications, Electrician,
Masonry, Plumbing, and Small Engine Repair vocational training programs.  All vocational training programs are
accredited by the Raleigh County Board of Education, require students to possess
either a GED or a high school diploma prior to enrollment, and, upon program
completion, result in a certificate being issued by the Raleigh County Board of
Education.  The Masonry program lasts 6
months, Computer Applications and Electrician 4 months, and Blueprint,
Carpentry, Plumbing, and Small Engine Repair 3 months each.

FCI Beckley offers Carpentry and Electrical apprenticeship programs.  Both programs are accredited by the U.S.
Department of Labor and Bureau of Apprenticeship, last 48 months, require
students to possess either a GED or high school diploma prior to enrollment,
and result in a certificate being issued from the U.S. Department of Labor upon
program completion.

Library Services:
FCI Beckley houses a leisure library which contains fiction and non-fiction
books, magazines, and newspapers for the inmate population’s usage.

Law Library Services:
The FCI Beckley Law Library is located in the Education Department and consists
of a variety of legal reference materials for use in preparing legal
papers.  Most Federal Bureau of Prisons
facilities now house an Electronic Law Library (ELL) which is accessible
through select TRULINCS computers.  These
contain, amongst other references, the United States Code Annotated, Federal
Reporter, Supreme Court Reporter, Federal Bureau of Prisons program statements,
case law divided by district and circuit, and more.  The Law Library also houses various indexes
and all applicable institutional supplements for FCI Beckley.

The FCI Beckley Law Library is open during convenient,
non-working hours, including weekends.
An inmate Law Library Clerk is available for assistance in legal
research.  Legal materials are also
available to inmates confined in the Special Housing Unit (SHU).

Beckley UNICOR facility produces office furniture.  It employs 133 incarcerated UNICOR
workers.  This number includes totals for
all Beckley, WV UNICOR facilities.

Inmates are allowed to purchase stamps, stationary, food items, cosmetics, and
clothing from the FCI Beckley commissary.
Inmates are restricted to a monthly spending limit of $320 which does
not include the purchase of stamps, copy cards, or select over-the-counter

Controlled Movement:  During open institution hours, movement
throughout FCI Beckley will be regulated by a procedure called controlled
movement.  Controlled movements are ten
minutes in duration and direct movement to and from the housing unit to the
work site or other announced areas.  The
beginning and end of each move will be announced by FCI Beckley staff.

Recreation Services:
The FCI Beckley Recreation Department hosts indoor and outdoor activities.  Physical fitness classes and wellness
resources are available for inmates.
Musical instruments and classes are also available in the Recreation

The FCI Beckley Recreation Department hosts softball, flag
football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball leagues.  These league sports are conducted during
traditional seasons by Recreation Department staff.  Inmates may participate as players, coaches,
and officials.

The Recreation Department also hosts a number of wellness
classes.  These include NFPT, yoga,
calisthenics, aerobics, and pre-release wellness classes.  A hobby craft program also facilitates drawing,
painting, leather craft, and ceramics.

FCI Beckley offers both a recreation library and a music
broadcast service to inmates.  Inmates
can check out videos to watch during scheduled times.  Videos are educational in nature and include
a variety of topics related to health, wellness, leisure, athletics, and
sports.  Magazines, literature,
periodicals, and other wellness and leisure reading materials are also
available.  The institutional music
broadcast service allows inmates to listen to R&B (87.7 FM), Spanish (90.1
FM), Rap (99.1 FM), and Rock (104.1 FM) on their personal radios.

Religious Services:
The FCI Beckley Religious Services department provides pastoral care,
counseling, and a variety of religious programs to assist in spiritual formation
and transformation.  There are regularly
scheduled services, studies, special programs, high holy days, and periodic
guest speakers who speak on a variety of faith issues.

: Visitation hours at FCI Beckley are from 8:15 AM to 3:15 PM on
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and all federal holidays.  Visitors will not be processed into the
prison after 2:00 PM.  The visiting hours
for Special Housing Unit (SHU) inmates are from 8:15 AM to 10:15 AM; 10:35 AM
to 12:35 PM; and 12:55 PM to 2:55 PM on Tuesday by appointment only.

Inmates are allowed a maximum of five visitors (including
children) at any one time.  Only the
inmate’s Unit Manager can waive this restriction.  Inmates are further restricted in the number
of visits they can receive.  Inmates at
FCI Beckley are allotted eight visiting points at the beginning of each
month.  One point is assessed for each
visit during weekdays and two points are assessed for each visit on the
weekends and federal holidays.  Unused
visitation points are not accrued for future months.

For additional information concerning visitation procedures
and policies at FCI Beckley, see institutional supplement BEC-5267.08g
(Visiting Regulations).

Directions to Prison:
From Lewisburg on Interstate 64 West, take Exit 125B (Airport Road Exit).  Take a right onto Industrial Road and follow
the signs to FCI Beckley.

From Interstate 77 South, take Interstate 64 East to Exit
125B (Airport Road Exit).  Take a right
onto Industrial Road and follow the signs to FCI Beckley.

From Bluefield take Interstate 77 North to Interstate 64
East.  Follow Interstate 64 East to Exit
125B (Airport Road Exit) and take a right onto Industrial Road.  FCI Beckley will be found on Industrial Road.

National Lockbox

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Inmate Name and Registration Number

P.O. Box 474701

Des Moines, IA 50947-001

*Information compiled from multiple Federal Bureau of
Prisons (BOP) documents, Freedom of Information Act requests, and personal
interviews with federal inmates.*

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