New Hope At Christmas

By Dianne Frazee-Walker

Most people can remember when Christmas meant getting up at dawn and running to the Christmas tree in our pajamas excited to see what was under the tree and in the stockings hanging on the mantel.

For children who have parents who are incarcerated, Christmas is not filled with visions of lollipops dancing in their heads; in fact, December 25th is just another day without their parents and can be even more depressing than any other day of the yeImage courtesy ar.

Children who are missing a parent because they are spending time in prison are not only left to deal with loneliness they feel from having an absent parent, but also face ridicule and stereotyping. Many of these lost children are told they are going to turn out just like their parent that is incarcerated.

New Hope, a program created about 20 years ago by the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma is taking a more positive approach for addressing the needs of children who have at least one parent in prison. Instead of reminding children they have no chance of turning out to be productive citizens, they are encouraged to pursue an education. The children are led down a different path than their parents followed.

On Dec. 21, New Hope hosted a Christmas party at Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa. Children whose holidays would have been filled with sadness gathered around a table arranged with decorative trimmings and assembled their own wreaths.   

The church hall was filled with fun, playfulness, and laughter.  Toys, gifts, and food were plentiful. The kids were entertained by making their own reindeer and treats.

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Federal Bureau of Prisons Population Report: December 19, 2013

By Christopher Zoukis

Below is the latest prison population report from the Bureau of Prisons.  The report details each prison, including private prisons, operated under the umbrella of the BOP.  The report provides the name of the facility, location, and current population.  Total population numbers for the various types of facilities are stipulated at the end of the report.


Population of all BOP Institutions

Facility               State        Population

ALDERSON FPC WV         1155

ALICEVILLE FCI   AL           936

ALICEVILLE-CAMP            AL           254

ALLENWOOD LOW FCI   PA          1312

ALLENWOOD MED FCI   PA          1301

ALLENWOOD USP            PA          1062

ASHLAND FCI     KY           1234

ASHLAND-CAMP              KY           303

ATLANTA USP    GA          1910

ATLANTA-CAMP               GA          552

ATWATER USP   CA          1439

ATWATER-CAMP              CA          140

BASTROP FCI      TX           1163

BASTROP-CAMP               TX           205

BEAUMONT LOW FCI     TX           1974

BEAUMONT MED FCI     TX           1717

BEAUMONT USP-CAMP                TX           579

BEAUMONT USP              TX           1475

BECKLEY FCI        WV         1645

BECKLEY-CAMP WV         446

BENNETTSVILLE FCI         SC           1661


BERLIN FCI          NH          509

BERLIN-CAMP   NH          97

BIG SANDY USP KY           1442

BIG SANDY-CAMP           KY           123

BIG SPRING FCI TX           1567

BIG SPRING-CAMP          TX           220

BROOKLYN MDC               NY          2332

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