Prison Profile: Federal Correctional Institution Butner Medium 1

By Christopher Zoukis

Official Address

Federal Correctional Institution Butner Medium 1

Old North Carolina Highway 75

Butner, NC 27509

Phone: 919-575-4541

Fax: 919-575-5023



Inmate Correspondence Address

Inmate Name and Registration Number

FCI Butner Medium 1

P.O. Box 1000

Butner, NC 27509

(Funds can only be sent to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ National Lockbox Address listed below, not directly to the inmate at FCI Butner Medium 1.)

Sex: Male

Security Level: Medium Security Federal Prison

Location: FCI Butner Medium 1 is located in North Carolina near the Research Triangle area of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill.  It is 5 miles off I-85 on Old Highway 75.

BOP Region: Mid-Atlantic Region (MXR)

BOP Institution Code: BUT for FCI Butner Medium 1, BUX for Butner Federal Correctional Complex

Medical Care Level: FCI Butner Medium 1 is a Level 3/4 medical care facility.

Judicial District: Eastern North Carolina

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A Little Respect Would Go A Long Way Towards Cordiality

By Christopher Zoukis  Image courtesy

Today, at 11:00 AM, I approached my unit team area — F-North in FCI Petersburg — seeking to submit a form which authorizes the Federal Bureau of Prisons to send money to a friend of mine from my commissary account (BP-199).  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM is the designated “Open House” time period for my unit team.  This is when inmates housed in the F-North housing unit are allowed to make inquiries with our counselor, case manager, and unit manager.  Today, like many Tuesdays and Thursdays, my unit team decided that it just wasn’t a good day to have open house, so they simply didn’t bother to have it.  Naturally, no advanced notice was made and no rescheduling will occur.  Same old, same old.

While disappointed about not being able to submit the money request form, I’m used to such inconsistency at FCI Petersburg (more specifically in the F-North housing unit), so I just brushed it off and decided to carry the form around with me until my counselor decided to make an appearance.  My opportunity came at 4:36 p.m., right after my cell door was unlocked following the 4:00 p.m. count.  It’s the interaction which subsequently transpired which motivated me to write this personal exposition of my experience.

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