Ohio Reformatory for Women – Update!

On December 23, 2012, ran an article about the unique and innovative programs in existence at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.  At the time, the article was well-received and had every reason to believe that the facts of the article were correct. Recently, one of’s readers brought some interesting and provocative information

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Well Rounded Students: Acculturation and Critical Analysis

By Christopher Zoukis

“Who is the Republican front runner?”

“The Vice President?”

“Head of State?”

“Secretary of the Treasury?”

All of the above questions should easily be answered.  Yet, my students can’t answer them.  I’d imagine that most undergraduates would be able to, but why not incarcerated GED students?  Did I even know these answers when I was in high school?  If not, why?

The other day I was reading the New York Times and I found that I wasn’t truly reading it.  I was scanning it and only reading a few select articles.  The same I found was true of my alleged reading of USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.  As I reflected upon this trend of mine to just scan and select, I tried to remember an article of real importance.  While I could come up with a few, these were restricted and specialized; certainly not readings of general knowledge.  I thought, if this was true of me, it must be true of others, too.

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