Assisting Families of Inmates, Inc

Certainly being in prison is extremely challenging and life changing for incarcerated prisoners. But, think how difficult it is for families and children on the outside who have a family member or loved one locked up in prison? Very often, the incarcerated prisoner may have been the primary bread winner and sole source of income, adding huge financial stress on families. Children may not understand why their parents are behind bars and may receive peer bullying about having a parent in prison. And then there is the fact of how a family re-adjusts when the incarcerated prisoner is released into society.

In the state of Virginia, there is a program called Assisting Families of Inmates. Their primary mission is to help prevent the breakdown of relationships among inmates and their families. Assisting Families of Inmates provides education and counseling services, support and very importantly, a means for regular visitation-keeping the bond of relationship and family strong.

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