65 Cents a Day Doesn’t Do It for Me

It’s either funny or pathetic to envision, but flirting happens quite often. I think some of the men are actually hoping for sexual favors from me, even though I could almost be their grandmother. Trust me, if they could get away with it that is where they would go with it. A female teacher could be 300 pounds, have all kinds of zits on her face and be 92 years-old, and they would still flirt with her, because there aren’t too many females around. But, usually, the main reason is they are trying to manipulate, to soften up, or to charm. They will make little comments like, “Those earrings are really pretty, Ms. Chamberlin.” “Your hair is really ‘new school’.” “That color looks great on you.”  “You look like you’re no more than 35 or 40.”  Seriously!  They say silly things like that!
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