The 'Cell Phone in the Toilet' Trick

I have learned to be constantly observant and aware of my surroundings. If it’s too quiet, for example, I had better pay attention, because something could be wrong. Any difference in the norm is cause for attention; no matter how small a change may be, you kind of perk up a little bit and watch to see what is going on.  One morning, as early as 7:15 A.M., I had just thought, “Gee, it sure is unusually quiet.  They’re all studying nicely, but it almost makes me nervous.”  Within seconds, I heard a loud banging sound.  I looked up to see one guy standing over another, pounding the stuffing out of him. I phoned for assistance; the “cavalry” showed up, threw on the cuffs and dragged the two guys out by their feet.  The damage was minimal. I cleaned up the blood (using universal precautions, of course), and the guys simply went back to work. But the incident woke me up that morning, to say the least!
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