Organizational Spotlight: Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants

In the realm of prisoners’ rights and support, several organizations stand out from the rest. CURE (Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants) is one of these organizations.

In the hope that you’ll consider becoming a member of CURE or making a donation to their most worthy cause, I am enclosing the text from their “Questions and Answers About International CURE” brochure. It reads as follows:

What is CURE?

CURE is an international organization dedicated to the reeducation of crime through the reform of the criminal justice system (especially prison reform). A person is sent to prison as punishment not for punishment.

When and Where Did CURE Start?

1972: CURE began in San Antonio, Texas, when the families of prisoners and concerned citizens went to the state legislature in Austin to work against the death penalty.

1975: CURE moved to Austin and organized with a constitution and an annual convention.

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