Prison Education Funding in Peril: Incarcerated Individuals Program Funding Erased

In the June 2011 issue (Volume 62, Issue 2) of the Journal of Correctional Education much is talked about. Studies are presented which show the positive effect of post-secondary correctional education (college in prison), a discussion is held upon factors affecting student success in post-secondary correctional education, and a paper is presented which discusses the future of research on post-secondary correctional education.

While all of this research is interesting to someone who follows prison education policy developments closely, it’s the common thread of these that should be of interest to prison educators and prisoner-students alike. The common thread is the ‘Incarcerated Individuals Program’ (IIP) which was formerly called the ‘Incarcerated Youthful Offender’ program (IYO). The ‘Incarcerated Youthful Offender’ program, started in 1998, used to provide funding for vocational education, preparation for higher education, and higher education in prisons across the country to prisoners 25-years old and younger

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