Prison Education: Class Update (6-27-2011)

Well, this week has certainly been an interesting one. Class caught me a bit off guard. Since I just don’t have room in my cell to hold all of my class materials I store my writing-related books and class materials in the Education Department. If you remember correctly, the Bureau of Prisons has a rule that prisoners are only allowed to possess 5 books at a time. Storing my excess books enables me to have all of the books that I need and not get in trouble for being over the limit, but it makes preparing for class a challenge since I don’t always have access.

As usual, I showed up to my classroom around 5:30 p.m. Once there I was greeted by a number of my students. Usually I like to use this time for private tutorials and to prep for class. But that was not meant to be. What happened is a man missed the first two classes because he didn’t know that the class had started. In reality, this wasn’t entirely his fault because of their being a snafu with the call-out (appointment) system. So after he spoke with the staff member in charge of ACE courses, he was allowed to attend the class.

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