Prison Education: 3 Ways to Engage With Your Prisoner-Students

In my classroom, I have found that by modifying my teaching methodology I can increase my student engagement levels. I know that some of this is common sense, but it bears stating because of how simple, yet effective, it all is. I hope you can find ways to employ these three methods of increasing student engagement levels. They might just make the difference between a student becoming inspired or not.

1. Instructor Location

When I first started teaching, I found that I preferred to sit behind my desk and just lecture. For me, this provided a sense of security and informality. But what it afforded me in comfort it took away in effectiveness and engagement.

As I’ve grown as a prison educator I have found that I’m more comfortable in my classroom. It’s no longer a classroom, but My Classroom. With this realization came a basic change in my teaching structure and methodology, a change that transported me from being nervous and fearful to innovative and engaging.

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