Media Interview Regulations

The regulations for interviewing a federal prisoner are contained in Program Statement PS1480.05. What follow are excerpts of this policy.  They pertain to anyone interested in interviewing Mr. Zoukis in person. Do note that Mr. Zoukis can also be interviewed via phone, email, or mail.

ELIGIBILITY: Those desiring to interview Mr. Zoukis in person must be a “representative of the news media.” This means a person “whose principal employment is to gather or report news for:

“a. A newspaper, which qualifies as a general circulation newspaper in the community in which it is published. A newspaper is one of ‘general circulation’ if it circulates among the general public and if it publishes news of a general character of general interest to the public such as news of political, religious, commercial, or social affairs. A key test to determine whether a newspaper qualifies as a ‘general circulation’ newspaper is to determine whether the paper qualifies for the purpose of publishing legal notices in the community in which it is located or the area to which it distributes;

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